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Who Are You? You’re Not Santa!


The internet is full of people who want to tell you how to be successful. How to run a business. How to make money. How to save money. How to find happiness. Listen, these topics sell for a reason – we’re all searching for the same stuff. The internet allows complete strangers to don a red coat and fake beard, and offer easy success like presents from Santa’s sack.

I want to be clear before you go any further: I’m the furthest thing from perfect. I don’t pretend to be a business mogul or a discipline master. I’m just an average guy. If you want to read some brutal honesty about my many weaknesses and downfalls, just head on over to this page where I basically spill my guts.

The difference between this site and the countless others like it, is that were in this together. To share common failure, and find common success. To hold accountable, and to encourage one another.

If this sounds interesting to you, then maybe we can be friends. If you’re still reading, then I still have your attention. So I’ll take advantage of that and tell you a little about myself.

I have around 31 credits between two community colleges. I take pride in being able to select “some college education” on job applications. I feel it sets me apart from the vastly greater number of people who have completed college. I’ve had an illustrious string of careers, starting with landscaping, moving to fast food, and then graduating to “waiter”. Eventually, my higher education scored me a gig selling cars for the largest used car dealership in the country. Big money!

I always wanted to own my own business. I grew up watching my dad take a small lawncare business and grow it into something truly remarkable. I saw the hard work, but more than that I noticed the payoff at the end of all the hard work. And I desperately wanted the payoff portion in my own life.



I got married young, by anyone’s standards, and sarcasm aside that was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. Having nothing better to do, my wife and I moved to California with a couple G’s in our pocket and a sunshine state of mind. One way plane tickets, two suitcases, no car and no apartment.

I continued to sell cars out there, and was forever dreaming of the day when I would start my own business and “start living”. Still focused on the goal, not the process. Young and naive. I got a promotion within the company and started buying their inventory.

The light bulb went off, and I had my first legitimate business idea. For the first time, I started to enjoy the auto industry. I’ve never been sales-y, but boy did I enjoy the analytical side of sourcing and managing inventory. Much more up my alley, and I was pretty good at it. Maybe one day, I could open my own dealership.

So with that in mind, I left my nice salaried job complete with four weeks of paid vacation, and ventured back into the land of commissions. I starting buying independently for a small privately owned dealership, and got a crash course in small business.

Two and a half years into the California adventure, home beckoned. Wanting to start a family, wanting to be near family, and wanting to start a business all collided. Before we knew it, we bought a little fixer, sight unseen, way out in the country west of Richmond.

Fall of 2016 saw more changes than any reasonable person would take on. Cross country move, wife pregnant, starting a new business, gutting and renovating a house. It was a little hectic, pretty fun (in retrospect), and generally spontaneous.

Now that I have been in the trenches, I have a desire to share my past experiences with wantrepreneurship, my views on time management and success, and any other insights my community college educated mind has to offer. I would encourage you to read more about the specific design and purpose of this site here.

Thanks for reading. Don’t be a stranger!

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